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Sandeep Duddu Discussion started by Sandeep Duddu 2 years ago
If you really want to become an expert in ASP.NET MVC, you'll first need to understand exactly what the MVC pattern is, how it's implemented in this case.
Next, I would get your head around stuff like:

The ASP.NET MVC routing engine - in particular, I'd look at how you can extend it!

How the framework passes parameters to your actions and how it decides which values to assign to which parameters and such

How the strong typing of parameters works, especially with reference types - this is quite a cool feature of ASP.NET MVC

How to implement form and model validation - look at the the client-side scripting that the framework generates for form validation and other stuff
Loosely- and strongly-typed views their partial counterparts

What kinds of data types the framework can send and receive, and how to do that
Error/exception handling - the way this is done in ASP.NET MVC is quite different to any other framework I've experienced

How ASP.NET MVC plays with tools like Entity Framework and LINQ-to-SQL

How Javascript (and jQuery\prototype\other) work with the framework and vice versa - in my experience, they work quite nicely together

Once you've really got your head around these things, the rest is pretty much like any other implementation of the MVC pattern.
As a side note, spend some time learning the Razor syntax. It won't be anything particularly new if you already know Java (and presumably C#), but I always find myself forgetting little things with it!
If I've missed something crucial, add it to the list!
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